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Guided Solutions are HOWTOs designed to always work with your Focus. Our team regularly tests and updates them to be timely and accurate. If you are using a Focus, just click on an icon to launch or install an app.

System Support

System Support

View supported systems and what components are validated before release. This page also enumerates the key benefits delivered with your system.

Help and FAQ

Help and FAQs

Find answers that can make your life easier. Help topics include apps, KDE, Kubuntu, Linux, Bash, and others that were too small to fit elsewhere.

Curate Apps

Curated Apps

Find and use the best-in-class apps regularly tested on Focus systems. Click an icon to launch an app.


Kubuntu Focus Tools

Simplify your life with tools you want.

GPU-Accelerated ML

AI GPU-Accelerated ML

Complete day-long jobs in 20 minutes. Accelerate TensorFlow pipelines up to 25 times (2,500%) faster than other popular laptops that cost twice as much.



Keep your data safe with BackInTime or other backup tools.



Maximize the battery life with tools and BIOS settings. Also, reset the battery if it fails to hold charge.


Blender and 3D Models

Create and render 3D models with Blender and similar programs for game design, video production, and more.

Bluetooth Phones

Bluetooth Headphones

Connect bluetooth headphones and devices to your computer.

Firefox Browser


The web browser is a tool used by most people all day. Learn how to optimize it for better performance and usability.

Startup Disk Creator

Clean Install

Install the Kubuntu Focus Suite with Kubuntu LTS, Focus Tools, curated apps, UX preferences, and hardware optimizations.

Insync Screen

Cloud Drives

Sync files from Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Google Drive and OneDrive are synced with Insync.

MySQL Database

Database Admin

Use command-line and GUI tools to administer MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

Desktop Theme

Desktop Theme

Change the look and feel of your desktop by selecting a new theme or resetting the panel. This is useful for restoring the desktop to the initial settings.


Development Environments

The Kubuntu Focus is created for developers. Professional IDEs are easy to install using curated apps.


Email and Calendar

Manage emails, calendars, and contacts from multiple accounts using Mozilla Thunderbird.

Multiple Displays

External Displays

NVIDIA GPUs easily drive four displays at once: the laptop panel and three 4K external panels. Support for multiple displays with Intel graphics is also discussed.

Mad Max


Play over six thousand high quality native games from Steam on a 144 Hz panel. Use Steam and Proton to play thousands of games.

Integrated GPU

GPU Select

Select Intel graphics to maximize battery life or NVIDIA graphics for additional capabilities and performance.


Image Editing

Edit photographs, vector art, and slides using Gimp, Inkscape, and LibreOffice. Alternatives such as Krita are also discussed.


Installation Recovery

For whatever reason, you might find yourself in a situation where your system isn't booting. Rather than doing a Clean Install, you may be able to recover your system.

Software Updates

Manage Software

Update your system on your schedule. Continue to work while updates proceed in the background. Manage software with Discover or Konsole.


MATLAB + Simulink

Run the academic and industry standard MATLAB and Simulink on Kubuntu Focus sytems.


Manage Passwords

When it comes to managing passwords, there are several options available to you.

Night Color

Night Color

Reduce eyestrain using a blue light filter that can be configured to suit your tastes.

Print Panel


Print to a device or a PDF file. View, edit and compress PDF files. Use advanced features with HP devices.


Pro Photo

Edit Raw images from digital cameras using exFAT, Darktable, and Gimp.


Run Your Own Cloud

Get away from the big three cloud providers and do productivity on your own terms using Nextcloud.


Security Tools

Secure your data. Tools include Full Disk Encryption, YubiKey 2FA, Secure Shell, and Virtual Private Networks.


Touchpad, Mouse & Keyboard

Customize the acceleration and sensitivity of your touchpad, mouse, and scroll wheel. Map extra keys using xorg config or Solaar.

Kubuntu Focus Suite 22.04

Upgrade Kubuntu Focus Suite

Upgrade Kubuntu Focus Suite to the latest with Focus Tools, curated apps, UX preferences, and hardware optimizations.


Video Editing

Create professional quality videos using Kdenlive and your file and audio clips.

System Rollback`

System Rollback

Snapshot and restore the system in seconds.


VirtualBox W10

Run several OSes such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, and others in a virtual machine.


VirtualBox W11

Virtual Box, Windows 11 installation tour.

Weather Widget

Weather Widget

Many people find it convenient to have the weather forecast or current weather at their fingertips. This guide will help you do just that!

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