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“... the Focus M2 is a spectacular machine, and arguably the best Linux laptop on the planet.”

Moe Long, TechUp Your Life,
Writer, Editor, Cinephile, and Tech Buff

“With the Focus our researchers don’t need to be DevOps experts ... free live support has been fantastic.”

Gary Passon, Autonomous Vehicle Team Principal
Founder, VectorAero

“The Focus is over twice as fast for NodeJS build times vs W10 WSL2.”

Dean Verleger,
Software Developer

“I have been amazed by the same-day build and spectacular customer service.”

Sergei Golimbievsky,
CEO, Link BioSciences

“A TensorFlow job took 37 hours on my MBP. It takes just 1.5 hours on my Focus.”

Chris Mattmann,
AI Lead, Professor and Scientist

M2 Product Review, November 2021, by Moe Long, Editor, Tech Up Your Life


XE Product Review, October 2021, by Brian Fagioli, Technology Journalist, Beta News


Jeffrey Fritz, Managing Director, Live Coders at Twitch

Run Apps Inline, Install if Needed

Chris Titus, Founder, TitusTech

Jeff Geerling, Technology Guru

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