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See the full review from How To GeekJordan Gloor, July 2023.

“Here are three features in particular [the display, the keyboard, and the performance] ... I had to work hard to find something negative to add; that’s how much I enjoyed testing this laptop. ” — Jack Wallen, ZDNet, April 2023

InfinitelyGalactic, Linux Reviewer

The Kubuntu installation that comes with the Kubuntu Focus has a ton of value-adding customizations, including hardware optimization, curated apps and libraries, a very efficient setup wizard, built-in file versioning and recovery, a special Quick Help Widget, and several custom-made utilities for changing special hardware and software settings that are difficult to change otherwise. ” — Aaron Rainbolt, Ubuntu Developer

Aaron Rainbolt

The search for a Linux laptop is over. I have been using Linux for over 25 years. Having the right hardware and the right software has always been a challenge. It has always been doable but in a crafty, artisanal, time-consuming way. It was an art. Kubuntu Focus has managed to industrialize this process so that the user has a similar or better experience than on a Mac or Windows. They made the right compromises to build a durable offering for engineers, scientists, and media professionals.” — Jean-Georges Perrin, author of Spark In Action

Nicco Loves Linux, KDE Developer, Linux Reviewer and Podcaster

M2 Product Review, November 2021, by Moe Long, Editor, Tech Up Your Life


XE Product Review, October 2021, by Brian Fagioli, Technology Journalist, Beta News


Jeffrey Fritz, Managing Director, Live Coders at Twitch

Chris Titus, Founder, TitusTech

Jeff Geerling, Technology Guru

Check out the accompanying article.

“... the Focus M2 is a spectacular machine, and arguably the best Linux laptop on the planet.”

Moe Long, TechUp Your Life,
Writer, Editor, Cinephile, and Tech Buff

“The search for a Linux laptop is over.”

Jean-Georges Perrin,
Author of Spark In Action

“With the Focus our researchers don’t need to be DevOps experts ... free live support has been fantastic.”

Gary Pason, Autonomous Vehicle Team Principal
Founder, VectorAero

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