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Pick a method to see the Focus suite in action. The suite includes Kubuntu LTS, Expert Solutions, Curated apps, UX preferences, and hardware optimizations.

Distro Test

Distro Test allows one to try the Focus suite in about a minute. The resource are limited so this will give you a taste of how things work. If you want to test responsiveness, network, or hardware optimizations you will need to try a different method. Thanks to good folks at for hosting this service!

Virtual Appliance

Virtual Appliance

The virtual appliance can be imported in a about 2 minutes after download. It boots in rougly 30 seconds. Hardware optimizations do not apply in a VM. This is a VirtualBox image although it can also be imported by QEMU or VMWare.

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Clean Install

Install on your own hardware or virtual machine. The clean install solution provides all the details. The Kubuntu Focus team uses this software suite daily on over a dozen different hardware configurations. These include the three official 2060/2070/2080 models, six additional Clevo laptops, and multiple desktop systems.

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