Power Out of The Box

Save time and stay focused with the ultimate curated Linux systems used by top researchers, creators, and developers. Run deep learning jobs up to 30x faster with the M2. All systems feature Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with the beautiful and intuitive KDE desktop.

Run Pro IDEs like Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, PyCharm, WebStorm, IntelliJ, and Eclipse. Develop with thousands of full-strength Linux tools like NodeJS, Anaconda, and CUDA running on your laptop. Write once and deploy with fewer errors.
Deep Learning
Get a huge head-start with preinstalled libs and solutions. In minutes you’ll be running Anaconda, Python, GPU-powered TensorFlow, Jupyter, MXNet, and Pytorch. Complete Deep Learning jobs up to 30x faster than popular laptops that cost 2x as much.
3D Design
Use GPU-accelerated Blender on its native OS to create complex 3D models in record time. Create complex 3D solids and mechanical designs with Maya or VariCAD and print them using Cura and Ultimaker. Power robots with ROS2 on its only supported OS.
Create professional graphics with Gimp, InkScape, Krita, and LibreOffice Draw. Manage Pro RAW photographs with Darktable. Edit videos with KDEnlive, DaVinci Resolve, ShotCut, and LightWorks.
Play over six thousand high quality native games from Steam on a 144 Hz full HD panel. Over a thousand “Windows-only” games run surprisingly well with Proton and Lutris, including many recent AAA titles, most at over 100 FPS.
Dev Ops
Automate and manage deployments on Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud with native command-line tools. Create, run, and test Docker containers on the Focus before deploying to the Cloud.
Focus Has the Power Where You Need It
Zero Setup
Zero Setup
Save weeks or even months of setup with dozens of apps professionally installed, configured, and tested.
Ultra Optimized
Hundreds of optimizations make the most of the premium hardware. We take care of the platform so you can focus on work and play.
Enterprise Ready
Enterprise Ready
Benefit from DevOps to Desktop. Stay secure with full disk encryption, centralized management, YubiKey 2FA, and VPN.
Shipped Next Day
Shipped Next Day
Get your Focus fast. Your Focus is built, updated, and tested the day you order and shipped the next business day[1].
Guided Solutions
Guided Solutions
Save countless hours with Guided Solutions designed for your Focus. Complete complex tasks like Deep Learning in unprecedented time.
Unparalleled Support
Unparalleled Support
Get answers about hardware or software fast with free live support and free cross-shipping[2].

“A TensorFlow job took 37 hours on my
MBP. It takes just 1.5 hours on my Focus.”

Chris Mattmann,
AI Lead, Professor and Scientist

“This is a beautiful laptop ...
a lot of attention to detail”

Jason Evangelho,
Senior Contributor

“I’ve never seen anything quite
as powerful out of the box ...”

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols,
Contributing Editor

“The Most Polished KDE Laptop
Experience We’ve Seen Yet”

Michael Larabel,
Founder of Phoronix and PTS

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