Kubuntu Focus
The Zero-Setup Linux Laptop

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Power out of the Box

Save weeks or months with zero-setup. Get right to work with Ubuntu LTS and the beautiful KDE desktop.

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Save weeks or months worth of setup. Replace one-off home-brew hacks with highly tested and reproducible configurations and solutions.

Kubuntu 20.04

Expert Solutions

Save weeks or months of R&D and effort by using numerous free Expert Solutions. These are built specifically for your Focus, highly tested, and frequently improved. Compare this with solution using home-brew, emulators, downloaded tools, and tutorials of varying quality.

Kubuntu 20.04

Native Ubuntu LTS

The Focus runs Native Ubuntu LTS out of the box. There is no setup or clunky compromises. It is the best of both worlds. Write once and deploy.

Development for Ubuntu LTS is so important that both Microsoft and Apple demonstrated emulating it in their OSes at their 2020 developer conferences. Why not run the real thing?

Next Day

Shipped Next Day

The Focus is built, tested, and shipped in one business day without any “express processing” fees. Options that do require a few extra days are clearly marked in the order page. Compare this with many vendors that require two or more weeks to ship.


Fully Updated

The Focus has all updates applied before leaving the assembly line. It is ready to use out of the box. When new updates do become available, you decide when to apply them. Upgrades typically take just a few minutes and run in the background.



The Focus is meticulously optimized for GPU and CPU performance, battery life, peripherals, desktop responsiveness, and much more. We take care of the platform so you can focus on your work and play.

The highly-tuned Focus runs TensorFlow 2,500% (25x) faster than other laptops that cost twice as much. Other tasks are frequently much faster on Ubuntu LTS versus an emulated environment, such as NodeJS builds often running 10-30x faster on W10.

Desktop Grid

Enterprise Ready

The Focus has dozens of essential apps selected, installed, themed, optimized, and integrated into a beautiful Plasma 5.18 desktop. Examples include JetBrains IDEs, Telegram, Slack, Chrome GPU, Inkscape, Gimp, Steam, CUDA, Nvidia Visual Profiler, and VPN clients. Full disk encryption is standard and a YubiKey 2FA is optional.

The KDE desktop is feature rich and new users are often surprised by how quickly they feel at home. Over 75% of Focus customers come from non-Linux platforms.

Stay Focused

Stay Focused

Use fast and free live support to solve issues quickly and correctly the first time. Expert Solutions are constantly expanded and improved using your feedback.

Free cross-shipping ensures you always have a laptop even if yours needs repair or replacement.

Update your system under warranty. A detailed user manual guides you through approved system upgrades and repairs with a single screwdriver.