Power out of the box
Portable power for demanding innovators

"This is a beautiful laptop ... priced competitively ... a lot of attention to detail"
Jason Evangelho
"I’ve never seen anything quite as powerful out of the box as the Kubuntu Focus"
Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
"The Most Polished KDE Laptop Experience We’ve Seen Yet"
Michael Larabel

Excellence (top)

The Kubuntu Focus is a high-powered, workflow-focused laptop which ships with Kubuntu installed. It is meticulously tuned to take full advantage of the hardware and provide enterprise-grade security, performance, and reliability.

The Focus sets the gold standard for out-of-the box usability. As shown in the video, we carefully select, test, and document the end-to-end solutions you need so you can be productive within minutes of opening the box.

The Focus maintains the platform so you can work and play. Get right to work because we research and install all the software needed to get the job done. Consider how our entire Pro Photography workflow has been expertly vetted. Read your files from your SD card without looking around for drivers. Enjoy the seamless integration between apps. Watch how EXIF data is preserved from end-to-end. We apply the same level of dedication to all our workflows. And we keep adding workflows.

The Focus values your time and preserves your hard work. Change files with confidence because the Back-In-Time recovery system is configured for each user added to the system. By default it takes snapshots hourly. Roll back with a simple point and click. The rm command is also remapped to trash to help avoid unintended data loss.

The Focus minimize eye strain with the Breeze-Dark theme. Many stubborn apps such as Audacity, Chrome, Firefox, GVim, Kate, Konsole, LibreOffice, Partion manger, and Meld have been adjusted to ensure they fit this theme. Of course, one can always switch the theme at any time using the system settings.

See the Specs page for more details on hardware and optimizations. Our goal is to pleasantly surprise and delight you with power, usability, and attention to detail.

Value (top)

The Focus can save you hundreds of hours research, installation, and configuration regardless of your preferred OS. It is delivered with all updates applied and libraries installed for all workflows. Reliability and performance are of utmost importance.

The Focus save thousands over a similarly configured Mac, yet the Focus has at least twice the GPU performance. It also compares favorably with W10 high-spec PC laptop brands. And its ready to use and ready for the cloud: