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Daily-Driver Linux Systems

When DIY becomes OMG, get a curated system from the pros. The Focus team works as your virtual I.T. department. We validate updates of kernels, GPU drivers, desktops, and core apps on all models so your system just keeps working.

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All models are user-serviceable and use compatible, quality components.

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The Welcome Wizard configures features many developers need.

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Every model has its own 11-page desktop Hints Widget.

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Simple yet powerful Focus Tools make hard things easy.

Power and Fan

FocusRx identifies and fixes common system issues.



Many prior models are no longer sold but still supported for 3 years after last sale. We maintain bench systems for each and test software upgrades on them. This includes all kernel upgrades (with peripheral tests), major graphics drivers updates, Focus tools, and major desktop updates. Click on the model below to see the specification page.

6.5 HWE
Nvidia 535 pin
Plasma 5.27
M2 GEN 52023/2024
M2 GEN 42022
M2 GEN 32021
M2 GEN 22021
M2 GEN 12020
M1 GEN 12020
Ir14 GEN 12023
NX GEN 22023
NX GEN 12022
XE GEN 22023
XE GEN 12021


We release important updates only after we’ve tested them for your hardware. We work with KDE, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, and other teams to help fix issues too. Actions include submitting and tracking bugs, testing and reporting, creating feature proposals, developing code changes, and even assembling kernel patches.

The Focus Team performs validation in good faith to deliver better and more reliable software; however, this cannot change the Terms of Use of any software package. Please see the Terms and Conditions page for instructions to locate the terms for each package.

checkKernels + Devices

The Focus Team runs extensive automated and manual tests when the upstream proposes any kernel update. We test many external and internal devices, connectors, and usage scenarios.

  • Power Saver Subsystem
  • Hardware Config Subsystem
  • Full System Stress Test
  • CPU with Benchmarks
  • AI Support Libraries
  • GPU AI Machine Learning Suite Perf Tests
  • GPU Graphics Drivers with Steam
  • GPU Switching
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Analog and HDMI Audio
  • Suspend and Resume with Peripheral Resume
  • Hot-plugging
  • Touchpad
  • Attached Display with Brightness
  • Onboard Webcam and Mic
  • Onboard Keyboard LEDs
  • Wi-Fi and Wired Network
  • USB External SD Card Reader
  • USB External Webcam
  • USB External Microphone
  • USB, Wireless Keyboards, Mice
  • 3 or 4 Simultaneous Displays

checkDesktop + Apps

The Focus Team runs extensive automated and manual tests when the upstream proposes major update to KDE Plasma or Frameworks.

  • AI Support Libraries
  • Activities and Virtual Desktops
  • All Core Desktop Themes
  • Desktop Help Links
  • Extra Tests for Jetbrains, Insync, Dropbox, Steam
  • Extra Tests for KeePassXC, BackInTime
  • Extra Tests for Zoom, Slack, Skype, IntelliJ
  • GPU AI Machine Learning Suite Perf Tests
  • GPU Graphics Drivers with Steam
  • GPU Switching
  • Icon Placement
  • Input Gestures
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Kubuntu Focus Tools
  • Laptop Hot Keys
  • Launch and Basics for All Curated Apps
  • Power Saver Subsystem
  • Quick Help Widget Content
  • System Tray Operations
  • Wallpapers
  • Welcome Wizard

checkGPU + AI Drivers

The Focus Team runs extensive automated and manual tests when the upstream proposes a major update to GPU drivers. We also coordinate the integration of CUDA, ML, and AI libraries with the official Ubuntu GPU drivers.

  • Accommodations for eGPUs
  • GPU AI Machine Learning Installation and Benchmark
  • GPU Graphics Benchmarks
  • Steam and Simulation Apps, Vulkan and OpenGL
  • Updates to AI Libraries

Models support extends for a minimum of 3 years after the last date of sale.

UPGRADE FOR LESS: Components like disks and RAM have come down in price, and we have passed the savings on to you! Fully upgraded systems now cost hundreds less. All components are firmware-updated, tested, and warrantied.

FREE SHIPPING: Applies to shipping to continental US and Canada. All orders are fully insured and signature verified. Shipping costs to other locations are reduced by an equivalent value which varies by model.

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