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Introducing Apache Spark

Big Data Processing

Apache Spark is the most active Apache project and has displaced Hadoop as the most popular unified analytics engine for big data. This article introduces the reader to Big Data Sciences and this fascinating and powerful tool.

Jean-Georges Perrin is the author of Spark in Action and is an Enteprise Architect for Advance Auto Parts. He also writes and hosts the YouTube channel, Data Fridays.

Go Pro with Ubuntu Studio

Tools for Content Creators

Ubuntu Studio provides pro content creation tools for Audio, Video, 3D Graphics, Photography, Desktop Publishing, and others. It is available as an add-on to existing distributions such as Kubuntu or as its own distribution.

Erich Eickmeyer has led Ubuntu Studio since April 2018 and also is a highly valued part of the Kubuntu Focus team. He contributes to packaging, usability, reliability, and other issues to help ensure things just work out of the box.

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