Supported Apps
Click icons to launch apps directly on your Focus

This is the list of apps selected, tuned, and supported for the Focus. This is a great place to start if you're trying to a accomplish a simple task. Examples include transcoding a video or capturing a screen cast. You can launch any app directly on your Focus by clicking on the app icon in the page.

We are constantly updating apps and welcome submissions and suggestions for new or improved documents. Get your name and site listed when you help us help others!

Launch Purpose Application Notes Source
Android Files KDE Connect Android sharing and tools stock
Audio Control pavucontrol Pulse audio volume and mixing. stock
Audio Editing audacity Audio editor stock
Benchmark CPU Geekbench 5 2019 Geekbench 5. custom
Benchmark CPU Geekbench 4 2016 Geekbench 4 custom
Benchmark GPU Basemark 2019 OpenGL and Vulkan Benchmarks custom
Benchmark GPU Unigine Superposition 2018 OGL GPU benchmark custom
Benchmark GPU GFX Bench OGL GPU benchmark suite custom
Benchmark GPU Unigine Heaven 2010 OGL GPU benchmark custom
Benchmark sysbench CPU, I/O, and DB benchmarks stock
Blog Jekyll Static HTML blog generator stock
Browser google-chrome See chrome://inspect for Android mobile debugging stock
Browser Firefox The second most popular browser stock
Codecs ffmpeg Video and audio encoder stock
Compression optipng Optimize PNG compression stock
Compression rar RAR compression stock
File Manager Dolphin Use split mode to copy between sources stock
Games Steam Over 6000 titles available stock
Image edit (Raster) Gimp Raster image editor, can read and write Photoshop files repo
Image edit (vector) Inkscape SVG editor - Reads and writes Illustrator files stock
Repository Remove ppa-purge Cleanly remove repositories and dependencies stock
Screen Capture Spectacle Screen capture. Press Prt Scrn stock
Screen Measure Kruler Measure screen distance stock
RAW Images Darktable RAW image editor stock
Screen Recorder SimpleScreenRecorder Screen recording with excellent integration and sound management stock
System Settings systemsettings5 KDE system control panel stock
Terminal Konsole Premium terminal with Kubuntu Focus color scheme stock
Video Conference Google Hangouts Video conference with Hangouts or Meet repo
Video Conference Zoom Video conference with screen record. repo
Video Editing KDEnlive A well respected video editor with significant community support stock
Video Encode Handbrake Usually better at backing up encrypted content. Previous versions in repo had mp4 support disabled; consider using PPA to enable encryption support. stock
Video Player VLC VLC plays just about all formats stock
Wallpapers Dolphin Wallpapers in /usr/share/wallpapers. stock
Webcam guvcview Webcam snapshots, videos, and testing repo