Author a Guided Solution for the Kubuntu Focus

Author a Guided Solution for the Kubuntu Focus

Get Published and Paid

Get published, recognized, and paid when you teach others by authoring Kubuntu Focus Guided Solutions. Help support the growth and uptake of free software projects that make the Kubuntu Focus exceptional!

Authors Program

Authors Program

What is this?

The Kubuntu Focus Guided Solution Author Program rewards people who create engaging and useful articles for getting the most out of the Kubuntu Focus. Through the program, technical authors are published, recognized, and paid for their efforts.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. You can also suggest other articles in the form below.



How does it work?

Please submit your ideas via the Proposed Article Form. Soon after your application, one of our editorial team will respond with details about the program, an application pack, and feedback on whether your submission is likely to be accepted.

You will work with the editorial team to refine your topic, and develop the outline for your guided solution tutorial. We will help you get the style and tone correct, and refine your imagery to provide you with the best chance of publication. We pay you for every published article.

Get Paid

Get Paid

Payment Schedule

We will pay you for each article accepted for publication at the following schedule:

In addition to cash payouts, authors will also be eligible for merchandise featured in the The Gear Store at the discretion of the Kubuntu Focus Team.

Our editorial team will work with you to refine your guided solution tutorial, ready for publication. We will help you get the style and tone correct, and develop your imagery in line with the Kubuntu Focus brand. We pay you for every published article.

Minor Articles are written pieces with up to 450 words with a minimum of two screenshots.

Major Articles are written pieces with 650 to 900 words with a minimum of four screenshots, and 1 code or command snippet.

Lead or Headline Articles are written pieces with greater than 1200 words, a minimum of six screenshots, and at least 2 code or command snippets.



Value Awards

Every accepted article will be eligible for value awards. The Kubuntu Focus Team will assess each article for value based on three criteria:

Article Importance means relevance, excellence, and technical insight.

Readership how many times a page is viewed after two weeks of publication.

Social Engagement article’s will be posted to the ‘Guided Solutions’ section of the website, and will also be shared via social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram).



Share your article

We will email you to let you know when your article has been published, along with the links to the website publication and social media posts.



Licensing, Copyright and Authority

Published articles will be wholly transferred in title and deed to MindShare Inc. Who will publish them under the Creative Commons Attribution CC BY license.

You will be identified as the author of the article, with a backlink of your choice

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